Samadhi, What is It ? Its Experience Described !

picture of samadhiSamadhi , also known as sabikalpa samadhi and nirbikalpa samadhi is the Hindu term for cosmic consciousness or the experience of Gods Consciousness. Called by different names by different religions, Buddhists call it Nirvana, Christians call it Ecstasy but they are all talking about the same thing. So what is it and how does one experience it.

Its experience is ever new and unlimited as God is unlimited. Generally speaking however it is a both a feeling and a knowing. It is a knowing beyond any doubt what so ever that you and one with the consciousness of God. There is no doubt in this knowing as there is no negation of any type in God, so doubt also does not exist. It is raw truth.

Each experience can be different each time and it also varies depending on the degree of the experience. Generally however it is an expansion of your consciousness to include all things within the universal or cosmic consciousness that is God. As God is omnipresent, you (your consciousness) becomes omnipresent, and you realize your oneness with the divine. This experience is extremely blissful and leaves one completely fulfilled, as there is no emptiness and nothing lacking in God you are completely fulfilled in fact desire does not exist because there is nothing that you need. You become bathed in pure love and joy and you can experience all creatures and all creation as yourself and become the most intimate part of them. So you can feel what they feel and can know everything about them whether they be plant or animal. It is pure bliss.

The experience of Samadhi is a blessing from God usually bestowed on you by your Guru* (a God Realized Master) However an adept yogi may go into samadhi or God consciousness at any time. In it's highest form, it is termed nirbikalpa samadhi the yogi, (a practitioner of meditative yoga) may be in that state of consciousness all the time, yet the ordinary person may not be able to tell. Such masters like Jesus, Buddha and like are examples. It is an experience that can't be forced or bought. Some Yogi's may meditate a lifetime and may not experience samadhi. However to the earnest seeker of God making a genuine effort to find and love him. God ultimately reveals himself.

The difference between sabikalpa samadhi and nirbikalpa samadhi is in sabikalpa samadhi the yogi still retains a little of his own consciousness from God and usually the body is fixated, stiff and rigid as if dead but in nirbikalpa samadhi however the yogi is fully identified with God or cosmic consciousness and the body is free to move and carry on it's duties in a normal way with no disruption to the experience of samadhi.

*There is a saying in India when the disciple is ready the Guru will come.

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