How to Meditate

How to Meditate Deeply using Simple Techniques that Anyone Can Master

Learning how to meditate , can help you unlock your potential in every area of your life. As we have discovered on our web page what is meditation, meditation is 'concentrated communion with God' for the purpose of evolving spiritually, raising one’s consciousness from misery producing delusions of life and to ultimately freeing oneself from karmic conditions that necessitate rebirth. As a result the soul returns and merges with God, Spirit or Cosmic Consciousness.

So how to meditate ? Well as we hinted on our web page types of meditation there are various meditative traditions that use different techniques to achieve the same thing. Whether it's called Nirvana, Divine Ecstasy or Samadhi by different traditions, the goal is a permanent state of bliss consciousness that we experience when our soul realizes it's divine heritage.

The method of meditation that is spoken of here comes from the most ancient meditative tradition on earth - being the Hindu tradition and spoken of in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. Elements of which having been dated as far back as 3000 BC and precedes all other religious and meditative traditions. It is indeed the root of all types of meditative traditions today.

As mentioned in our web page stages of meditation there are eight steps in the complete process of the Yoga Sutras and seven to reach the stage of meditation proper. However for those of you who just want a taste of the meditation process. I've stream lined the process to just three.

Elements in Good Meditation Practice

1) Meditation Posture: It is important that you sit with a straight back during meditation, any posture that will allow you to sit with a straight back for a prolonged period will do.

Having a straight spine is important because it aids with the flow of energy that is moves up and down the spine during meditation.

Tip: Cover your Meditation Seat with a meditation blanket . Whether you are sitting cross legged on the floor or on a chair, always use a woollen blanket, ideally with a layer of silk on top: - This is an ancient method that the Yogis of India used to insulate their bodies from the earth's magnetic currents which has a tendency of drawing the energy built up during meditation down the spine toward the earth and therefore hampering the yogi's concentration efforts in meditation.

Tip: It is always good to start your meditation with a prayer, such as: "Father, bless me with divine concentration. I dedicate this meditation to you as a symbol of my love."

2) Concentration: An important part when learning how to meditate is concentration. It is essential for effective meditation. If you find it difficult it is important that you persist, for only with effort shall you develop this quality.

Practice some technique of concentration for a few minutes morning and night to start with, then gradually extend the length of time using a meditation timer . As you develop more confidence, you will find it easier to sit for longer periods to meditate.

3) Meditation Proper: Immediately after the preceding step. Talk or pray to God in a natural way as if your talking to a close friend. It's important this is done with concentration.

It is good to start by genuinely thanking him for all the blessings in your life. No matter what your circumstance or difficulty, each of us has more to be thankful for than we realise. I once met a formerly very attractive woman who was struck down in the prime of her life with a horrible disease that ate away her skeletal system. She had to be cared for 24hrs a day yet she was a very positive and thankful woman.

Tip: This should form the longest part of your meditation. Remember that the sincerity, devotion and love that you bring into your meditation has a direct relation with what you get out of meditation.

The Technique of Meditation

To learn a definite method of Concentration and Meditation from a Master Meditator Paramahansa Yogananda who has long been regarded as the father of Yoga Meditation in the west follow this link How to Meditate.

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